3. What Is Ethics?

Ethics and gender

Some researchers have questioned whether men and women approach ethics in a different way. There is considerable debate over such an idea. See what you think by taking this quiz.

Ethical style questionnaire: please answer the following 9 questions...

1. Which is worse?

hurting someone's feelings by telling the truth

telling a lie and protecting their feelings

2. Which is the worse mistake?

to make exceptions too freely

to apply rules too rigidly

3. Which is it worse to be?



4. Which is worse?

stealing something valuable from someone for no good reason

breaking a promise to a friend for no good reason

5. Which is it better to be?

just and fair

sympathetic and feeling

6. Which is worse?

not helping someone in trouble

being unfair to someone by playing favourites

7. In making a decision you rely more on

hard facts

personal feelings and intuition

8. Your boss orders you to do something that will hurt someone. If you carry out the order, have you actually done anything wrong?



9. Which is more important in determining whether an action is right or wrong?

whether anyone actually gets hurt

whether a rule, law, commandment, or moral principle is broken

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