5. About ACCA's Fundamental Principles

About ACCA's fundamental principles

The objective of this unit is to introduce you to ACCA’s fundamental principles:

  • Integrity

  • Objectivity

  • Professional competence and due care

  • Confidentiality

  • Professional behaviour

As a human being, you and your ethics are shaped by your upbringing and your experience. As a professional accountant or student accountant, you are bound by the laws of your country, and all regulations that flow out of them. As an ACCA member, student, or affiliate, you are also bound by the fundamental principles of ACCA.

Section 3.2 of the ACCA Rulebook contains the full text of these principles. These principles are based on standards from IFAC, the International Federation of Accountants which apply to accountants around the world. What follows is an explanation of these principles.